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Advanced Mind/Body Solutions.
Welcome to your next steps.


Advanced Mind/Body Solutions helps you get past problems and obstacles, so you can feel healthy, happy, and productive. (The video says Atlanta - we moved to Baltimore)


You can choose counseling, or wellness coaching....or an integrated program of both.


My approach is holistic, and  I work with specialized interests, including…

  • Dealing with stressful issues…from work and family issues to PTSD

  • Working with ADHD, children and adults

  • Helping you regulate and move beyond anxiety and anger

  • Loosening the grip of substance abuse

  • Coping with chronic diseases and pain, and minimizing reliance on medications

  • Increase the quality of your sleep, providing new ways to fall sleep more easily and naturally

  • Biofeedback and other supportive technologies

  • Living healthy lifestyle, with coaching on stress management, food, diet and exercise


Advanced Mind/Body Solutions may also work with you on coping with illness, increasing productivity, improving sleep, sharpening focus... and feeling a deeper sense of peace.


I work with you to help you invest in yourself, so you can move beyond limitations.


We'll reframe difficult issues...set up new guidelines and support for you to "navigate the seas of life," and achieve the life you want.

Call: 404-633-6626


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Advanced Mind/Body Solutions