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6 Fundamentals For Balanced Healthy Living










What's your S.P.E.N.T.S. Score?

See below.


Rationale: The body in some sense is like a machine. It needs to be well oiled and requires maintenance all the time, especially more maintenance as we get older.


Exercise is the key formula to fulfill this requirement. In order for a machine to run, it needs fuel. The type and amount are important. Your nutritional component fulfills this need. Just like an engine, if a person just keeps on running at a steady pace, they can "overheat" and breakdown.


One thing the body does which is different than most machines is that it can actually repair itself on a daily basis Sleep gives the body the opportunity to perform both preventive and healing functions.


At this point we must depart from the comparison to a machine and focus on those aspects that are uniquely human. If we do not invoke thankfulness and gratitude, we will experience a lot of good and it will not make a positive impact which is so vital. We would be left focusing only on the negative.


A social and spiritual connection has been proven to be important by numerous studies. In a similar vein, seeing there is purpose and meaning in one's life is another essential component. If things do not go smoothly in one's life and there is a fair share of disappointment, pain and suffering, human beings need a reason to bear with it and to persevere. These six fundamental components can be represented by the acronym "SPENTS".




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DATE   __________________


On a scale of 1-10 (10 is the max. positive score) overall in the last 2 weeks   


 _____ Sleep (good quality and quantity)


 _____ Purpose (living according to and/ or working towards fulfilling a life purpose)


 _____ Exercise (getting healthy movement at least 3 times in a week)


 _____ Nutrition (eating at least 3 meals/day with focus on vegetables, fruit, plus water)


_____ Thankfulness (recognition and gratitude for the good things in life)


_____ Social/Spiritual (making daily contact beyond myself in a positive way)









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