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Take stock and check out your S.P.E.N.T.S. Score


Wellness Coaching helps identify health risks and works to develop a lifestyle management plan.

It’s too easy to overlook your health and fitness goals. We all lead busy lives, and we have an unrelenting challenge of choices to make every single day.


If you want to rediscover your passion for health and fitness, we can work together to begin your adventure towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


I’ll help you change long-standing patterns in your life. Don’t expect a quick fix. And I won’t tell you what you should do and how you should do it. However, I will guide you towards a personal program that deals with your own issues, and past barriers to success.


Wellness Coaching will help you identify and address issues of…

  • Stress Reduction

  • Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Management

  • Motivation

  • Exercise

  • Time Management

  • …and other issues, based on your interests and goals.


In the process of working with you, we will...

  • Delineate the issues

  • Help you develop a process that works for you, so you can move forward.

  • Provide accountability and guidance

  • May be combined with other approaches, including a physician’s medical approach.


You may want to include other issues where you’d like the steady support of life coaching. Plus, our services may cross over to counseling to help you remove any barriers to your success, and achieve your lifestyle goals.


Coaching captures an important part of your imagination and goals – where will you go today?




Coaching Qualifications



Yerachmiel (Richard) Donowitz has been certified by…

— ACE, American Council on Exercise (Current)

— BCC, Board Certified Coach

— Wellcoaches,® Coaching you to a higher level of wellness.


COACHING Qualifications:  My desire to help others improve their lives who may not need counseling lead to a home study program and a certificate in fitness and nutrition. This led to further study and getting certified as a Health Coach by the American Council on Exercise.


MY desire to further explore the unique approach of coaching led to the completion of the Wellcoaches Wellness Coach Certification in 2008 and in 2012 recognition as a Board Certified Coach by the Center for Credentialing  & Education.


This has led to my experience as a privately engaged coach for individuals, for continuing care as part of an intense alcohol treatment program, and has greatly influenced my approach to counseling. 

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