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Why are your services unique?


1.What makes your services unique?

Every service is personality based. We frequently do a personality assessment in order to tailor our guidance to your unique personality. Advanced Mind/Body Solutions offers a number of specialty areas of practice, which can help you deal with a variety of life issues.



2.What is the difference between Coaching, Consulting and Counseling?

Coaching deals with how you are in the present and how you would like to be or act in the future. A course is charted (with guidance) by you and support is given to help see you reach your destination.


Consulting involves being given a map to reach your destination, based on your situation and stipulations.


Counseling involves reshaping your view of your past to make it easier to chart a new course.


Advanced Mind/Body Solutions can work with you in either area, or synergistically, in both.


Take a look at the Choosing page



3. How do I know this is what I really need or want? Is this very costly?

Your initial phone consultation or e-mail response is absolutely free without obligation. Rates are very competitive or less. You can compare, and you’ll find our rates to be very reasonable. See details below.



4. Do I come to your office, and can we work from different locations?


The Advanced Mind/Body Solutions office, in the Pikesville area of Baltimore. 


However we can work with you cross town, or across the country, via Vsee. You schedule and make payments in advance, via Square, or mail a check.



5.How do I get started? 

Click the "contact" tab. You can call or email.



6. Tell me about Advanced Mind/Body Solutions --  how you work, about the sessions, and cost...


COUNSELING:      Availability: In the State of Maryland


Typical Format: In -person in Baltimore, or by phone or Vsee, in the rest of Maryland.



Average is approximately 10 sessions

Example: Initial session and assessment (up to 60 min.) $120

Follow up sessions (45 -50 min.) $100



Cognitive - Behavioral Therapy & Mind-Body Behavioral Medicine


At this time no insurance is accepted.



WELLNESS COACHING:           Availability: Anywhere


Typical Format:

Initial session on the phone or in-person.

Follow up sessions are on the phone


Typically 12 sessions

Example: Initial assessment and session (up to 90 min.) $150

Follow up sessions (20 to 30 min.) $35


Bonus: When you make a commitment for the full 12 sessions 

by the end of the 3rd session, the last two are free!




CONSULTATION:         Availability: Anywhere


Typical Format: In-person or on the phone


Program: No long term commitment or expectations.

Typically 2 sessions.

Example: Comprehensive assessment: (up to 90min.) $175

Follow up: Single session: (30 - 45 min.) $80

Includes up to two follow up e-mails as needed.



Advanced Mind/Body Solutions Practice Areas Include…

  • Psychological counseling

  • Stress Management

  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), a form of CBT

  • Anxiety and Anger issues

  • Biofeedback

  • Adult ADHD

  • Children's ADHD

  • Motivation and Energy

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Health and Wellness, including stress management, weight loss, diet, exercise and other health issues

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Located in downtown Baltimore, serving all nearby areas including Pikesville, Towson and the general greater Baltimore area.


Available by phone and Skype Maryland for counseling, and nationally for wellness coaching.



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