First, you may wonder what Neurofeedback is – to state that it is recommended as a top treatment choice for ADHD by the American Pediatric Association, may not be telling much about what it is, but now maybe you are willing to do a little investigation.

 Basically, neurofeedback involves training a person’s brainwave pattern to help treat conditions that manifest themselves as mental health conditions such as ADHD, adult headache and depression. To get a much better sense of it from a practical standpoint, please refer to these two websites:

 The first is a YouTube video: What is a neurofeedback session like (Dr. Trish Leigh).                              

 The other is the company www.neuroplusinstitute.com. Look at the section that talks about the three parts of the neuroplus system (I use the same system).

  As a fully licensed clinical professional counselor with board certification in biofeedback, I am now using the neurofeedback technique as well. During my mentored training period, I am making a special offer at a nominal fee. To make it valuable to both of us, a commitment is required. After the initial evaluation (QEEG brain map) the training sessions will be conducted twice a week for approximately twenty consecutive weeks.

  The nominal fee for neurofeedback treatment is $250 for the assessment (includes the brain map) and as little as $50 per training session. This is $100 off the normal fee for the assessment and 50% of the training session. Even though these fees are nominal,  insurance may be used to cover part of the cost. Insurance at best would be used to offset the cost of the assessment (they will not cover the brain map) and cover one of the treatment sessions when combined with therapy. 

Please Note:  This special nominal fee is contingent on the commitment being met. Failure to keep the full commitment will result in a significant charge per session since the treatment will not be effective. The effect on the treatment would be like stopping use of an antibiotic prematurely. The goal would not be accomplished. If the agreement is broken, the initial assessment is an additional $100 and each training session is an additional $50.

  If you think you would be a good candidate and take advantage of this very special offer, please call 404-633-6626. The times for the training sessions will be 6:00 pm . The location will at my home office.